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Electro deposition

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Electro deposition Equipment

Electro deposition Equipment


Improves the coating in terms of uniformity and adhesion, etc. for inside and curved areas, like a frame and body of a car, which are usually difficult to handle.

Types of Electro-deposition Facilities


This is suitable for assembling a wide variety of jigs and small volume products. It is possible to enhance efficiency in a small area.


Suitable for the mass production of wide variety, large volume products

  • Electro-deposition Assistive Devices01
  • Electro-deposition Assistive Devices02
  • Electro-deposition Assistive Devices03

Electro-deposition Assistive Devices

1. UF Device:

Used to collect paint that would otherwise be wasted by separating from Electro-deposition agent

2. Generator:

Equipped in preparation of power failure, etc.

3. Rectifier:

Used to adjust coating thickness and operated by direct current

4. Electrode:

Used to improve coating adhesion for improved uniformness