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NAWOO PAINTING PLANT toward the world

We specialize in painting equipment machines, which
comprise more than 90% of our product lineup. We mainly
produce painting equipment, industrial equipment, and
automation equipment.

While we have manufactured products related to painting
equipment over the past 10 years since our foundation in
June 2002, we have obtained many advanced technologies
and achieved the localization of our own developed core
equipment. As a result, we have are able to substitute
imports in our industry.

All of us have carried out every effort to advance quality as
our top priority. We consider the welfare of the nation and
our own extraordinary values in conducting quality assur-

We will not be satisfied with past and current success: through endless efforts and development, we will continue to exceed the expectations of customers as we world to become a “world class company leading the twenty-first century”. We will forge ahead, choosing to create new innovations for the future instead of settling for the present.

In addition, we will do our utmost to build an advanced company that understands and provides what customers need. We will provide the best quality services and products under our management motto of customer satisfaction.

We are a smaller but stronger company that co-exists with our customers as we grow and develop NAWOO PAINTING PLANT. As we make greater headway into the world, we will eventually grow into a company that significantly contributes to the growth of Korea.

We appreciate your continuing support.

CEO  Duck chul, Lee

nawoo painting plant